Sell My House, I’m A Little Worried Cause It’s Ugly

How do you sell houses that are ugly in New Jersey?  That’s a question I get asked all the time because an ugly house isn’t easy to sell when you try to work with first time home buyers.  They’re going to ask you to fix everything, paint everything, clean every inch of the home, and then ask you to pay the real estate fees associated with the purchase.

On average it takes 18,000+ and 90 days to fix an ugly home and get it ready for sale.  Do you really want to spend that kind of money?

Your best option is to work with an honest home buyer that can offer you cash and close quickly.  This allows you to transfer your problems and headaches to someone that is willing to pay you a large sum of money for the property.

Before you enter a purchase and sale agreement you should follow these guidelines:

  • Work with an honest home buyer
  • Demand an easy to understand agreement
  • The sale of the house should be run through a title company
  • Transparency from the beginning
  • Low pressure sales environment.  If you’re not comfortable then walk away

We provide all of these services mentioned above while handling your situation with care and confidentiality.

Does your house have the following problems?

  • A roof that leaks cups of water
  • Squirrels and rats have made the attic their new vacation home
  • Noisy and leaky plumbing
  • Overgrown yard
  • The house floods when it rains
  • Foundation problems

Then it probably qualifies as a house that’s ugly and your in luck.  We would like to make you an offer on your house.  It’s simple and easy to get started.  Fill out the contact form to the right or call us directly.  We’ll setup a time to come look at the property and then provide you with a written offer.  If you’re out of town or you’re unable to meet us at the property then we can talk about what works best for you over the phone.

Don’t do any maintenance or up keep and call us today.  We’ll provide a fair and transparent offer that’s easy to understand within a couple of hours.